What Is a Headless CMS? Your Guide to Understanding Content Management Systems

Creating the whole website on their personal seems like a large challenge at the list, however by means of decoupling the CMS from the the front-end a developer can select any generation they’re already familiar with and do no longer need to examine the generation for that specific CMS.


Another large bonus is the fact that one developer can also consciousness on their own paintings without coping with the bugs of an already existing stack of era – therefore it’s miles less complicated to optimize pages for pagespeed and webvitals and even relaunch elements of the internet site or make breaking era choice with out annoying about dropping the present content.


Do I need a headless CMS?

The solution to this query is quite simple, but it received’t help you a great deal right away: It relies upon in your requirements. There are use cases wherein one CMS outstands the other and vice versa. To assist making a decision, let’s have a take a look at the benefits absolutely short:


Point is: It isn’t always limited to web sites

A headless CMS can deliver your content material via an API at once to where you need it. Because of the headless technique the content material can be used on an iOS app, Android app in addition to any platform and generation you may think of and is therefore a powerful choice for cell and net developers.


Headless CMS Options

In an earlier article we wrote approximately how WordPress and Drupal already trying to paintings their way to as a minimum providing an API approach. Both of these alternatives try to make the CMS work in a manner that they have been now not first of all designed for. Here are a few headless CMS options you might like to have a take a look at to find your excellent match: Storyblok, Contentful, Prismic, Sanity. There also are different options accessible, however looking at the functions and ideas – those are the platforms you have to have a look at.


As you notice there’s no a hundred% right manner and headless cms for each use case – but we assume that reducing off the presentation layer of your content material and making it handy for extra than simply one platform if wished is the method we ought to intention for! Not just to reuse your content material greater effortlessly, but if you ever want to change your era stack you do not need to fear approximately your content material.