Roofing Contractors

Depending on what number of layers of roofing estimates shingles are already in your roof, your roofing installer is probably able to deploy a new set of shingles on pinnacle of the old. By putting off the time and effort it takes to dispose of old roofing fabric, you could shop some cash and that is attractive, particularly if you’re on a price range. However, in case you agree to this, the installer can’t investigate and repair what’s underneath the antique layer of shingles, potentially leaving your private home vulnerable to the elements and harm down the street. It’s fine to have them strip the entirety away for you to look into the integrity of the entire roof and make any maintenance vital to prevent water from leaking into your home. If you stay in a chillier climate, the installer also can upload an ice and water shield designed to prevent leaks because of ice build-up.


Installation of a brand new roof probably calls for a building permit from the city or county where you are living earlier than the begin of the task. Make positive you have got this in hand before any paintings begins. Check with your installation corporation about a way to acquire a permit.