Real Estate Urla


History of Urla
Archaeological research in Urla has identified Limantepe Hill on İskele Mahallesi as the center dating back to 4000 BC. One of the most important finds is the city’s port, which is considered to be one of the oldest known ports in the Aegean region. The ancient city of Klazomenai is also located in the port area. The city was an important trading center, particularly with the production of olive oil in ancient times. Urla was first reunited with the Aydınoğulları principality in the 1330s and joined the Ottoman lands in the late 14th century. Urla was incorporated into the founding structure that covered the revenues of the complex built by Ayşe Hafsa Sultan in Manisa in the 16th century. Denizli Mahallesi Mosque, Kamanlı Mosque, Sungurlular Mosque, Hacı Turan Kapan Mosque and Fatih İbrahim Bey Mosque plus the Hacı Turan Fountain are Turkish structures built in the 15th and 16th century.



General Information Urla
The Central District, established at the starting point of the Urla Peninsula in the west of Izmir Province, is 38 km away from Izmir. The dominant vegetation in the municipality, which is 65 meters above sea level, is as follows: ryegrass, olive trees, large walnuts, laurel, myrtle and maquis. The terrain structure is hilly and wavy. The mountains are covered with degraded scrub forest. In the winter there is an important tourism culture. Urla, which has all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, faces the Karaburun and Foça sections of the Gulf of Izmir; so, the neighborhood has a constant breeze; Summers are hot, winter months are hot and rainy. There are plenty of interesting villages and wonderful real estate located in Urla, the region is famous for their forests and coastal areas. The biggest advantage of Urla is that it is the nearest location next to İzmir with the possibility to go to the beach. The coastline is about 40 kilometers, and in the summertime, it attracts a lot of people who visit public or private beaches and their property or luxury real estate in Urla.


Real Estate Urla
In general, most real estate in Urla is a bit more expensive than real estate in Izmir, and we can say that about 90% are independent villas and not apartments. For real estate in Urla with more than 3 bedrooms, independent and recently built, expect prices from $400,000 to $600,000. Urla also offers some more exclusive luxury properties. These characteristic Villas are often found on huge plots of around 3.000 square meters including huge private gardens and at least 5 rooms. These types of luxury villas are generally perfect for both privacy and entertainment. The Turkish elite live in this type of property in Urla and prices can start at $800,000 and up.

Aegean Locations Urla
Although Aegean Locations only has offices in İzmir and Çeşme, we certainly have an extensive network of private sellers and developers in this area. As an independent professional advisor, we can find the most suitable property in Urla, and verify that the property has the correct title deeds, quality and all the formalities involved in buying real estate in Urla.