Personal Hyperbaric Chambers are of two kinds: Monoplace and multiplace hyperbaric chambers. Let us all go into the features associated with both.

Monoplace hyperbaric chambers are:


at home hyperbaric chamber and low-cost.

They are generally small in dimension, and so accessibility in order to the patient in an ongoing therapy program is rather small.

There are chances of fire as being the remarkably combustible chambers are usually prone to accidents.

Multiplace hyperbaric compartments, on the other hand, have typically the following characteristics:

Thanks to the availableness of space, the attendant can go with the patient in the chamber.

In these types of chambers, oxygen can easily be administered simply by an oxygen mask. Therefore, the entire attention inside the slot provided can be reduced, and this in change, limits the probabilities involving a fire episode.

However, patients run the risk of getting contaminated when one or perhaps more patients usually are treated simultaneously along with someone who has an ulcerous painful, or viral contamination.