Single-tooth implants can be utilized in people who will be missing one or more teeth. A great tooth implant is surgically put in an opening that is definitely created by your dental professional in the jawbone. Right after the implant integrates (attaches) in your bone fragments, it acts as being a new “root” for that crown that will be replacing your missing tooth. The crown (cap), which is made in order to resemble a natural the teeth, is attached in order to the implant and even fills the space still left in the mouth by the missing the teeth.

Just for this procedure to be able to work, there should be enough bone within the chin, and the bone tissue has to be strong enough to support and support quite implant. If there is not enough cuboid, be may need to be added with a method called bone enlargement. In All on 4 , organic teeth and assisting tissues near the location where the implant will become placed must be in good health.