How to Get a General Contractor License in Florida

The standard contractor licensed license is implemented for as certainly one of two applicant kinds: as an person contractor or as a qualified commercial enterprise. Applicants for a licensed Florida contractors license are required first to skip a nation certification exam. Only after passing the exam may additionally the utility for licensure as an authorized contractor procedure begin.

Registered General Contractor License

Like the certified license, the registered license is likewise similarly divided into  applicant options: applicants might also sign up as an man or woman contractor or as a qualified business. Individual contractors need to first both take and skip the Florida State Construction Examination, or own a certificate of competency from a neighborhood licensing office bearing the applicant’s call and the enterprise entity.

Florida General Contractor License Practice Exams

Each Florida General Contractor Practice Exam Simulator includes on line practice assessments designed to mirror and put together you for the real nation licensing examination.  contractors examination These practice assessments contain the identical range of questions, percent of questions in each content area, minimal passing score, and examination deadlines which you fill face on the real state exam.

You can run the practice examination simulator as regularly as you want.  A randomly decided on set of professionally written questions will be created from big content material region question pools on every occasion you run a brand new examination. Upon scoring your exam, a list of any questions which you responded incorrectly might be provided together with a reference and/or rationale explaining an appropriate solution choice.

A character is needed to gain a license to legally paintings as a contractor in Florida.  Chapter 489 of the Florida Statutes and the Construction Industry Licensing Board sets forth the requirements for someone to attain a contractor’s license in Florida, along with the important application, training, revel in, age, financial protection, coverage, fees, and examination necessities.  These requirements are rigorous and vary slightly relying on the sort of contractor’s license.  However, if a person fails to achieve a contractor’s license in Florida, he or she can be undertaking unlicensed contracting, that is a first-degree misdemeanor.