Devices For Leather Craft

We convey all the fundamental and essential calfskin apparatuses for Leathercraft, for example, sewing devices, belt opening punches, binding instruments, stamp instruments, letters in order stamp sets, circular opening punches, cutting devices and oval opening punches for clasps. Waxed string, wallet trim and latigo ribbon are found on the sewing binding apparatuses page. Bolt setting devices and snap setting instruments for calfskin specialists and experts the same are found on the bolts and snaps class page. With the appropriate cowhide instruments you will actually want to make excellent calfskin belts, knifecaes, canine restraints, cell cases, courier sacks and so on. With regards to calfskin work, your creative mind is your main breaking point since there are so many things that can be made from cowhide and adorned in such countless astonishing ways.

We stock C.S. Osborne Tools who have been making quality cowhide apparatuses in USA for more than 200 yeasrs. We likewise stock an assortment of leatherworking instruments from different producers to give the assortment of leathercraft devices expected by the present cowhide craftsmans, saddlers and outfit creators.


Beginning, you can utilize a utility blade or advance to adjust blades, cowhide shears and head blades. You can leave the edges of the calfskin square or round them with our beveler devices. Assuming the cowhide is too thick in specific spots, meager it with a calfskin skiver apparatus or french edge instrument. Utilize a calfskin opening punch for cowhide so you can put bolts, grommets, eyelets and snaps in before you utilize setter apparatuses. Elongated opening punches are utilized for clasps.