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In the British Golf Museum at St. Andrews there are specimens of ancient golf equipment together with woods and an in particular first-rate setting cleek—i.E., a putter having an iron head on a wood shaft—made inside the second 1/2 of the 18th century by Simon Cossar of Leith,  golf swing training aid membership maker to the Company of Gentlemen Golfers. When Allan Robertson (see above) of the R&A noticed that golfing might no longer be ruined by way of the gutta-percha ball, he found out the fee of iron clubs for method photographs and made a cleek for steadier setting. Other trends covered “Young Tom” (son of “Old Tom”) Morris’s idea for the cup-faced niblick (what might be a nine iron in nowadays’s parlance) for gambling the shorter processes.

The membership makers of splendid repute inside the early nineteenth century had been Hugh Philip at St. Andrews and the McEwan brothers of Musselburgh, significantly Douglas, whose golf equipment have been defined as fashions of symmetry and shape. They were artists at a time while golf equipment have been passing from “impolite and clumsy bludgeons” to a new and handsome look.

Manufacturing strategies
The hickory shafts of the woods—the play club (cutting-edge driver), the spoons, and the brassie—were spliced to heads of apple or beech confronted with horn. The harder rubber ball, however, added about the usage of persimmon wooden and, later, laminated membership heads. Hard insets seemed within the faces. Increased demand led to the adaptation of shoe-ultimate system equipment for the fashioning of wood club heads. Sockets were bored within the membership heads, and shafts were inserted in preference to spliced.